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Furthermore, let me also point out that some states allow free state filing on their websites. The state programs offered by Turbotax et all do nothing but import your federal information. I still do it on paper. Yes, I even read the books. I do use a spreadsheet to predict things forward for the next year.

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TaxAct just effectively ended its desktop software. They claim the IRS made them do this.

It is insane! They force you to be online and thereby exposing yourself to attacks.

How it works: an easy, fast and stress-free way to file taxes online.

The IRS only asked software companies to build in password security which they had any way. There was not hing forced. No sense in this! Thanks for any thoughts. Can anyone provide further information on this excel workbook? Like, is it safe to download? I downloaded it. It works well for projecting the federal income tax if you are familiar with the forms. I found the link at the bottom of my All Accounts page after I purchased the download. It appears to give free Federal and State returns.

Someone mentioned that the free version is available to accounts with a certain value. Thank you Barbara. I had stopped using TurboTax years ago because it was expensive.

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Also, the instructions Harry provided for accessing the download were very helpful. On this topic, I must disagree with you and as it turns out most of your other comment posts. Since I switched to using a Chromebook about 5 years ago and yes, using the cloud for my hard drive … my life has become much less complex and I have saved money to boot. What does a Windows or Mac cost these days?

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I have no idea! How much time do you devote to maintaining the OS of said machine? As far as safety, yes, places are being hacked. If Turbotax my vendor of choice exposes my data, at this point in time, I will be very surprised … If Google is hacked my online drive … we are ALL in trouble! So you have to ask yourself are you safer on your Windows machine exposing your data or at Turbotax or Google???

Refiling an old return? I just had to do such a thing, refiling my and returns … I found the online programming very easy you do have to commit to one vendor for ease to get the job done. I have nightmares thinking about what I would have had to do if the return was on an old program and computer. My first computer was in I can not imagine going back to that now…what a PITA dealing with those machines — especially as they aged.

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The last issue is planning…there is an app for that! Turbotax now has a planning app that will load on your phone and if you have a newer Chromebook, there too, because they now load Android apps Sorry for the long post … but cost, history, safety and planning all go to the online program. I can live with that! Obviously no one would buy a machine only for the sake of using tax software. The tax software is for people who already have a Windows or Mac machine and they want a Windows or Mac machine for other reasons.

I have a Chromebook too. I use my Windows machine and my Chromebook for different purposes. With regard to the planning app, are you talking about TaxCaster? Harry, yours is the best coverage of the tax filing software choices, IMO. Plus the CD version allows one to upload a K-1 file from taxpackagesupport.

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  • There are sites in all 50 states. Almost every large city in the US has at least one or the other of these types of sites so check online for your city. Good points made in the article and comments. I found, too, that sometimes the way questions were asked were clearer in another program. Go to a physical office.

    It is also ridiculously confusing trying to figure out what iteration of the program I need. Why must they make it so hard?! This is another reason TaxAct currently has my business, despite being a clunky platform: They offer a freelancer version.

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    As a side note, ACA has complicated my taxes greatly, and I have found that if I input the same info into different software, I get somewhat different results. I greatly dislike not getting the exact same results, because I should. It caught up in the following year. I took them up on it in different years. They both honored it without any hassle. I think the ability to trivially do whatif scenarios is capital.

    UFile launches tax software for MAC users

    Because of my Linux Desktop, I use the cheaper TaxAct online program but the ergonomy and lack of other features is a drag. For whatif scenarios, I put dummy values is some replies, change them up and down and see the effects on the running Tax totals. Quite a bit less than the Intuit price. Harry, any thoughts on Credit Karma tax online service? Filing looks free and reputable company?

    I just purchased Turbotax from Amazon. I was unable to accomplish this even after spending 20 minutes with Amazon support. Way too much trouble!! Premier supposedly does more than Deluxe for those with capital gains and rental property income and expenses. You can start with Deluxe. If you see you need more, you can upgrade to Premier within the program.