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Contact Blue Monkey. The one in my music studio is very quiet, even when recording in Logic X. The one in my office has been running the fan quite loud lately. I tried resetting the SMC several times. No fix. It's not abnormally warm in my office, 70 degrees at this time.

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I'm not running any CPU heavy programs. At this time I only have iCal and Microsoft Word open and the fan still runs loud.

This is out of the ordinary for this machine and I don't recall ever hearing this much noise on my music studio Mac Pro. Both Mac Pro's are from the same time period Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?

iMac Fan Noise Issue Explained

Last edited by Blue Monkey on Fri May 10, pm, edited 1 time in total. Some process in the background making the fans go.

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A healthy coat of dust will make your fans try harder to dissipate the heat. Google how to vacuum your computer properly, there is the potential of static electricity building up on the vacuum hose, you don't want blue sparks inside your computer.

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Logic X. Re: Mac Pro fan noise loud lately Quote 6 Sat May 11, pm fuzzfilth wrote: What if the machine is just gunked up with dust inside? Fan Issue. Simple solutions are the best. But, I have noticed that the fan still runs a lot when the machine is sitting idle and Screensaver is running. When I stop Screensaver the fan stops running.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I have added screenshots from Activity Monitor as suggested.

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It seems that my battery icon at the top of my MacBook Air Screen has disappeared. It might have something to do with the above problem. I am using a late MacBook Air. Since Activity Monitor didn't show anything unusual, I have deleted the screenshots for privacy reasons.


About fans and fan noise in your Apple product

OK, the Activity monitor does no show anything unusual. Apple kb HT Ruskes Ruskes Resetting the SMC solved all problems previously stated. Medical School or Games Industry?

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